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South Carolina letter


via South Carolina letter.

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Best Place to Watch a Football Game in Athens

ATHENS, OH – When in Athens, there are a plethora of places one could go to watch a NFL game, but because the majority of the city’s population is made up by college students, there are certain places one should go and places one should not, based on your allegiance.

Luckily (no pun intended), the top three supported teams have their own place to watch a game. For the Pittsburgh Steelers fans, they have Lucky’s, for Cleveland Browns fans, there is the Cat’s Eye and for Cincinnati Bengals fans, there is the Red Brick. For everyone else, there is the Pigskin or BW3’s.

However, you have to be careful where you go, especially if you’re sporting a conflicting team’s uniform. There have been multiple times, most recently on Sept. 27, when Bengals fans have been turned away from the door of Lucky’s.

Sure, it’s good to know where your teams following goes on Sundays, but why do people go there and what is so great about them. Some Athens residents gave there take.

Meg Boley, a junior marketing major, frequents the Cat’s Eye to support here atrocious Browns.

“I go to the Cat’s Eye because that’s where my fellow Browns fans always go. They put the game on the projector so it’s huge and plus they have foosball.”

Tammy Besterman, an OU mom, is also a Browns fan, but prefers to watch the game in a more personal setting when she is up visiting her son.

“I would much rather sit at [my son]’s house and watch the game there. But, I only get the score coming across the bottom because [my husband] and [son] are both Bengals fans.”

Amanda Phillips, a senior studying business, enjoys Lucky’s on Sunday’s to watch her beloved Steelers.

“It’s just where everyone goes, and it’s the best way to get away from the Ohio people and watch a team that actually wins.”

The team closest to my heart, the Bengals, have their home in Athens at the Red Brick Sports Bar. Mike Clifton, a senior communications major, says the Red Brick is “just a cool place to watch the game with other Bengals fans,”

All these places are well and good, but there are few things that beat sitting around a big screen with 25 of your closest friends, having some beers and rooting for your favorite team. Zach Kummer, a senior business major says this is the best way to spend a Sunday.

“There is nothing better than staying at your house and not spending money while cheering the Who-Deys (Bengals) to a victory.

For those who are not of the Big 3 following, you cannot go wrong with either of the other two places highlighted so far: The Pigskin (come on, it’s called the pigskin) or BW3’s (their motto is “Wings. Beer. Sports”). Both places have DirecTV and Sunday NFL Ticket, so they get any game being played, regardless of what the CBS affiliate is showing.

One thing is for certain, there are few things better than rooting your hometown team to victory with other people who share your passion on a crisp autumn day in November.


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OU//Buffalo Live Blog. 7pm

Live Blog tonight for the OU/Buffalo game. Click on the picture below to be taken to the live blog. WordPress cannot host the embedded chat, so I will do it beginning at 7pm in a popup window.

Picture 1

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Athens Goes Worldwide

The Bobcats football team has shown up to play this year.


OU’s men are alone in second place in the Mid-American Conference’s East Division with their 6-3 overall record and 4-1 in the MAC. The ‘Cats started slowly, losing the season opener to Connecticut, who just gave #5 Cincinnati all they could handle, 23-16 and needing two overtimes to finish off North Texas 31-30, but for the most part, they have beaten who they should.

They went into Nashville to play SEC mainstay Tennessee and put up a valiant effort before coming up short in the fourth quarter, losing 34-23. After that loss, OU rattled off three straight wins over conference foes before falling to Kent State on Parents Weekend, 20-11. Last week, the Bobcats outlasted Ball State to win 20-17 going into a bye week of sorts.

On Tuesday, OU heads up to Buffalo to play Turner Gill and the Bulls on ESPN 2 as part of their MAC Tuesdays. For the first time since their upset of Pittsburgh in 2005, the Bobcats will be back on the Worldwide Leader.

Now the entire country will get a look at the Bobcats.

The good thing about these games are that it gets the MAC some national spotlight on the biggest cable network in the country. It helps recruiting and enrollment, plus there aren’t any good TV shows on Tuesday nights except for Big Break, but I’m the only person I know that watches the Golf Channel in Athens.

Anyway, we’ll get to see our beloved Bobcats in primetime. I’m looking into getting a live blog going on here for the game just to mess around with it and see if I can get something different going on around here, so stay tuned sports fans. Until next time…

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Eric Mangenius, Not So Much

Thank God I’m not a Browns fan, but being a life-long Bengals fan, I can empathize.

The Cleveland Browns are in the middle of an ugly season with some not-so pretty things going on behind the scenes.

Eric Mangini, the defensive mastermind ESPN started calling Mangenius after defeating his former boss and mentor Bill Belichick and his Patriots right around this time last year, was brought in by the Browns in January of this year to turn the team around after firing Romeo Crennel. The Browns were 4-12 last year when they handed the reigns over to Mangini. Putting all their hope in the former Patriots defensive coordinator and Jets head coach, owner Randy Lerner allowed Mangini to surround himself with the people he felt comfortable with bringing in general manager George Kokinis.

Kokinis was “relieved of his duties” Monday, which is a nice way of saying he got the boot. Not exactly surprising considering the Browns are 1-7 so far this season, but what it does mean is that Eric Mangini has to be on the hot-seat. His hand-picked general manager and advisor to the team was reportedly escorted out of the teams facility, so it doesn’t seem like it was an amicable separation.

Television station WKYC and the Cleveland Plain Dealer first reported Monday night that Kokinis was ushered out of the Berea facility by security around lunchtime Monday.

Then after the reports surfaced, the Browns sent out this awkwardly worded statement about Kokinis’s relief and departure…

“Cleveland Browns general manager George Kokinis is no longer actively involved with the organization. In response to rumors and reports that Kokinis was escorted out of the building today, the Browns deny those reports. In the interest of protecting the parties involved we will withhold further comment.”

So with Mangini’s GM and good friend Kokinis out, what does that mean for the Coach? It’s not good. Even worse, the Browns are on a Bye Week. So while the fans get a break from the atrocity that takes place on the field, Mangini is fighting for his job behind the scenes.

It’s not unheard of for coaches in the NFL to get fired mid-season, and if they do, often it comes during their Bye Week. It will be an interesting week in Cleveland, to say the least. Maybe the Cavs can start winning and take their minds off it.

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Let Me Know…

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Why College Basketball is better than the NBA

From my travels around the Buckeye State, I have yet to find anyone who enjoys watching the NBA over college basketball. However, when you ask someone why, they really don’t have any reasons why college is better. So, in lieu of the upcoming season I will articulate the argument that explains college basketball’s superiority.

First of all, I’ll go right to the source: the players. The egos of the pros are out of control. The college kids play for the love of the game, no paychecks in the mail. College kids go to practice. Pros? Well pros… I’ll let Allen Iverson explain it.

He may have an ego problem.

Next point, the parity in college basketball is unlike anything else, college football included. In the NBA, it’s almost a foregone conclusion that a team from the West will win the championship. In college basketball, there are 15-20 teams every year that have the chance to win a championship. The NBA has playoff series that usually weed out the Cinderella team’s chance. In the NCAA tournament, one team can knock off a perennial favorite in just forty minutes. That’s what makes college beautiful. The whole Any Given Sunday thing, one game and it’s up for grabs.

The one thing you do hear from anyone who defends the NBA is, “the only time I watch the NBA is the playoffs because they actually play defense.” I agree the Playoffs are the really fun to watch. The best players in the world playing their hearts out. BUT, college basketball is like that all the time. They play 25 games max before the post-season. The NBA is an 82 game marathon. I challenge anyone, even the most adamant NBA fan, to find someone who prefers the NBA Playoffs over March Madness. The first weekend of the tourney are the best days in sports. Period. No debate.

Without further ado, I’ll bring it close to home so you can find the best place to watch college basketball in your area. Regardless of conference or national prominence, with college basketball, you cannot go wrong. Every game, every play, they give it their all.

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